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Duration & pricing

Promotional launch offer, free maintenance website with a coupon.

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Website monthly

€29.7/Month & €29.7 setup fees.

Approximatively $32/Month all included!

Included features:

Monthly web hosting

Website installation & setup

Website updates & Maintenance*

Up to $108 commissions**

*Free maintenance using a discount coupon.

**Use our partnership program, info here.

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Website yearly

€297/Year & No setup fees.

Approximatively $320/Year all included!

Included features:

Two months free per year

Yearly web hosting

Website installation & setup

Website updates & Maintenance*

Up to $108 commissions**

Community access & tips

*Free maintenance using a discount coupon.

**Use our partnership program, info here.

Frequently asked questions:

Why check before ordering a website?

Verification helps us manage orders efficiently and will help you get a discount coupon.

Is this website offer right for me?

Whether you are a service provider, course creator, product seller, or blogger, this website offer is for you.

What if I don’t have a business idea?

In that case, check our guides then talk with us directly so we can try to figure out one for you… PS: We have plenty in store for you.

How to order a website?

You will first need to check the availability of a spot (with a discount coupon), then if you find one available, order it quickly before it is gone.

What if I don’t need all the included features?

If that’s the case, simply don’t use them. You can hide or deactivate any feature you don’t need.

Is it easy to finish the website setup?

Yes, it is easy to change the colors, the fonts, and add your text, images, and logo, you just need to have some basic knowledge of WordPress and if you don’t have any, we are here to guide you.

What if I already have my web hosting?

In this case, get in touch with us and we will provide you with a way to order a setup service alone.

Why are the prices in Euros?

Because we are a French-incorporated company, you can switch to another one (EUR, USD, CAD, AUS, GBP, DZD) while making your order.

What payment systems do you accept?

We do accept payments with cards (via Stripe). In the case of the yearly option, we also accept bank transfers in USD, EURO, CAD, AUS, GBP, TRY, and DZD.

Who is behind this website?

Kydma company is behind this project, you can read about us here.

Do you guarantee the success of my business?

No one in the world can guarantee you that, it will all depend on your level of experience, knowledge, and dedication; We do provide you with a ready-to-use business website but it is up to you to make it work.

How long will it take to get my website?

Your website will be set up in 72 hours or less after the validation of your order. 7 days in case there are many orders before yours.

Who provides the web hosting?

Kydma, the company that manages this website does, at Kydma, we’ve been providing web hosting and other services since 2005. PS: This website is hosted with Kydma.

Where is the web hosting located?

This website is hosted in the UK (London), and because of the fast service, your website will be just as fast anywhere in the world. PS: USA, France, Germany, and Singapore locations are available upon request.

Do you offer any refund if I’m not satisfied?

This offer comes with a “30-day satisfied or refunded” guarantee with one condition, you must allow us to delete the installed system on your or our web host. PS: Setup fees are not refundable.

Will you do the design changes for me?

No, and yes, no because this offer is about one ready-made website to use as they are, and yes, we can do that for you. Get in touch with us to discuss the details.

Why do you offer such a low price?

Because this is a launch offer, we need your suggestions and testimonials. For now, the maintenance fees are waived, and the price will stay low as long as there are spots available, so hurry and reserve your place now. Check the idea of this project here.

I have another question, how to contact you?

Create a support ticket or use one of the direct chat systems (FB, Telegram, Skype). See the “connect” menu at the bottom of the page.

Ready to get started?

If yes, check the availability of a website spot with a discount.